Digital Success: 1 Way to Increase quickly your Expertise

The digital world is changing so rapidly these days that you should constantly educate yourself. Don't we all supposedly do that? Probably not really, only because we do use digital devices, helpful tools, video conferencing, and beam through social media channels all the time. That doesn't make us experts by any means.

If you look at the current search queries and terms, digital topics dominate. In the case of agencies/service providers, one has the impression that digital providers in particular are ahead of the pack. 

In our fast-moving times, we seldom get to ask ourselves elementary fundamental questions like:

How, when and why should I invest in digital marketing training/education?

How can I improve my digital knowledge in a practical way? And what is necessary, and for me the possible time and money investment for it?

And how am I supposed to combine my job with professional training?

What if I have to deal more intensively with unpleasant social media channels as part of digital marketing training?

As the owner of a mediaagency, I advise my customers in a crossmedial manner. Well, increasing digital know-how is indispensable and more in demand than ever.

Ideally for me is a training opportunity that allows me to balance my job and training.

After initial scepticism 3 reasons were decisive for me to invest in digital training:

  • I receive more and more digital media project requests 
  • Current corona-related quieter business situation
  • Recommendation of a personal influencer

Recently, I have started the Digital Marketing program of three months at the online university @udacity.

The learning content is taught exclusively digitally. Work and further education can be ideally combined with each other. This makes learning fun, and I am really learning a lot: 

e.g., how to implement online surveys, success factors for successful blog content, as well as how to promote it differently in several social media channels.

Very helpful are concrete time frames for homework/presentation input every week and the corresponding reviews from university experts.

What experiences have you had in the field of digital marketing training? 

And how does Digital knowledge affect your Business?

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